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    LiveEco is a Community Interest Company reinvesting all profits back into the community.

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    Renewable Energy and Renewable Heat for Homes and Businesses in Scotland

    Property Portfolios: Scanning, 3D Modeling and Design for Solar

    Drone based scanning, 3D VR modeling and Solar Design for large-scale projects

    Housing Authorities and large property owners are looking to implement large-scale solar PV projects. We have the ability to scan, model and design solar PV at scale for a fraction of the cost of traditional survey methods. Roof repair, scaffold access and other project issues can be assessed at the same time using cutting edge virtual reality modeling.

    Domestic & SME Solar Electricity Systems / Battery Storage

    Solar systems deliver year round electricity

    The base of any carbon neutral energy system will be a roof-based solar panel system that provides the energy needs for the building. We will assess the property and design a system that fits your roof and your financial needs.

    Renewable Heat Systems

    Renewable Heat for the home that runs off of solar electricity or biomass

    New systems, such as air source heat pumps, are available which can run off your solar electric system and heat your home. We also assess biomass heating systems and wood stoves if your home requires extra heating.

    Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs), Energy Assessments, Renewable Energy System Design Recommendations

    All the info you need to get your home to Zero Carbon

    We provide a full system EPC assessment and design of your home to get it as close to zero carbon / "off the grid" as is feasible and cost effective. We can also help with the byzantine paperwork requirements to get access to government rebates.

    Energy Efficiency / Insulation / Lighting / Smart Meters

    Up front financing, assessment reports - energy savings, cost savings, carbon report

    The cornerstone to getting a home to zero-carbon is energy efficiency. We assess your home to determine the best way to reduce you energy use to ensure a cost effective renewable energy solution will meet your energy needs.

    Financing / Reporting

    We'll help you line up financing, Provide assessment reports on energy, cost and carbon savings

    The cost are up front but the savings are long term. We can help connect you with the financing for your project including applications for government 0% interest loans (when & where available) to eliminate the up front cost burden and make a zero carbon home the easy and obvious choice.

    Need Financing? Check out the Home Energy Scotland Loan

    Funding up to £38,500 per home is available to owner occupiers and landlords

    This covers a range of improvements including home renewable systems and energy storage systems.

    In addition, cashback grants are available for a limited time for certain energy efficiency improvements.

    Find more information on the Home Energy Scotland Loan on the Energy Saving Trust website, or call 0808 808 2282.

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  • About Us

    The Principle Directors

    Marc Brammer

    Founder - Operations Director

    Marc has 20 years experience working on sustainable finance in New York and London as an analyst, research director and business development executive for boutique research as well as large investment firms.

    - Contact -

    E: marcbrammer at live-eco.org.uk

    T: (0)755-4422-507

    Mark Hibbert

    Founder - Technical Director

    Mark is a Procurement & Construction manager with experience in procurement of infrastructure for wind farms, building, civil engineering and road construction, primarily in the U.K.

    - Contact -

    E: markhibbert at live-eco.org.uk

    T: (0)779-6444-219

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