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Your Community Renewable Energy Partner

LiveEco CIC is a community interest corporation and social enterprise that transitions communities to sustainable renewable energy.

Whether you are representing a household, company, housing development or a whole neighbourhood we have the solutions for you.

  • Community focused by helping the local renewable energy industry grow.
  • Save money and become energy independent with solar energy – invest in the future now.
  • Engage an experience and trusted team to design, install and maintain your renewable energy system.

Our Mission

Be community focused

Develop renewable energy tools for the benefit of the community to achieve a just transition to clean, renewable energy sources and reduce fuel poverty.

Be client focused

Conduct our business transactions with each client with the best interest of the client at heart so that solutions suit their needs and budget. Treat each client with respect and value regardless of the contract size.

Be future focused

The outcomes of our work must have a positive multi-generational impact both socially and environmentally.

Our Story

LiveEco CIC has been founded in response to what we saw as a serious need in our community for a mission driven company that could provide dedicated support for implementing the necessary transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. In just the past year multiple governments, including the Scottish, UK and EU Parliaments, have declared a climate emergency and as a result we are starting to see some movement in terms of policy support for large-scale carbon reduction initiatives. However, it appears that this effort will mostly be led by the very large corporations (utilities, auto and energy companies) that created much of the problem in the first place and who have historically been the biggest obstacles to change. We want LiveEco to be an honest broker that can provide communities in Scotland, and around the UK, the expertise and client-centered approach that will help free themselves from the cost and environmental damage of fossil fuels by implementing their own renewable energy projects. In this way, the community will benefit both from reducing environmental impacts as well as from long-term financial benefits by redirecting the value of energy savings back into the community to address fuel poverty.

LiveEco CIC is an innovative and expert renewable energy consulting, design, installation and project management organization founded for the purpose of facilitating this rapid implementation of community renewable energy.  We utilize and developed tools that look not just at the engineering required for each site but also to determine the most economically viable scenario for each client and determine what would be in their best interests.

In order to make the necessary changes for rapid decarbonization of the energy system that science tells us is required for tackling climate change, communities in the UK will need technically skilled and dedicated organizations to design and manage that process with their best interests at heart. A community interest corporation is the right organizational structure to achieve this as it shows the commitment the stakeholders have for improving the community, not just the bottom line of the company.

Our core technology is solar photovoltaics (PV) and battery storage as these technologies are both a mature and can generate immediate savings for clients onsite that help us demonstrate the investment viability both for the public sector as well as private clients. We are also implementing solutions around renewable heating that have zero carbon impacts as well. Technologies such as heat batteries, heat pumps and infrared heating systems can have a major impact on the energy efficiency of client buildings and vastly reduce energy bills as well as being able to be used in combination with solar PV as they are all electrically powered instead of relying on fossil fuels.

Our Management Team

Mark Hibbert

Technical & Co-founder

Mark is a Procurement & Construction manager with experience in procurement of infrastructure for wind farms, building, civil engineering and road construction, primarily in the U.K.

Liz Gardiner

Board Member and Advisor

Liz has over 3 decades of experience in the social enterprise sector. Motivated to make a difference in communities throughout Scotland, Liz is a “serial social entrepreneur”, setting up and running successful social enterprises through Fablevision as well as through her role on the board of Senscot.