Solarico Ltd.

Solarico is our partner for community-wide and commercial scale installations. The company provides commercial installation as well as “solar mapping” for large or multi-building installations utilizing drones and computer modelling.

Oncor Reality

Oncor Reality

Oncor is our partner for scanning and modelling for large commercial and community scale projects. With a team capable of managing drone scanning anywhere in the world and produce high quality 3D models for system design, planning applications and marketing.

DARe-me Consulting Engineers

DareMe Engineering

DareMe provide LiveEco with electrical engineering support for larger commercial projects where grid connections involve more complex engineering as well as specialized protection equipment to be designed and installed.

Paul Williams logo

Paul Williams

Assessment of the capacity of any roof we install on to take the weight and/or wind loading is a legal and safety requirement for any project. Paul is a structural engineer who provides us expert guidance for the structural elements of our work.