Super Tax Deduction on Solar for Companies

For expenditure incurred from 1 April 2021 until the end of March 2023, companies can claim 130% capital allowances on solar Projects.

Go forward with a knowledgeable partner

Every business is looking to reduce their operating costs. Investing in Solar power is one way any business can make a permanent improvement to the bottom line. Contact us to get a free consultation and quotation regardless of the size of the project.

Services for Commercial Clients

Large Scale Design

We can look at multiple buildings and design for large site complexes. In combination with our energy consulting we can find the best fit for your business regardless of the size of your operation.

Planning Permission and Design

We help you get connected to the grid regardless of the project size and work as your representative to the local grid utility get all the paperwork sorted properly. Some systems might require planning permission and we can provide detailed plans as well as 3D modelling services if required by the planning office.

Fast Turn-a-around

When you want to move forward with a project you don’t want to be waiting around for your contractors to get in gear too. We’ll engage with your key personnel to get things moving and give you a quick turnaround for quotes and detailed financial analysis.

Services for Commercial Clients

Along with fast, professional installation we can provide our clients with a lot of added extras.

Business Person Drawing Graph

Financial Return

We can help you understand the long-term financial benefits of installing solar. We can also look at various scenarios to determine the best configuration of the system for your business by looking at your energy use. Will that battery system really pay off? Should you be switching to electric vehicles? What size solar array is most efficient for your use profile? How much of the energy you generate will the business use and how much will go back to the grid? What strategies can be used to maximize the payback of an investment in solar energy?

Overhead Powerlines

Energy Consulting

Renewable energy installation is usually just part of a larger project so we provide enhanced levels of information to clients that require it, including building energy use and heat loss analysis. This will help determine the economic payback from various energy efficiency and renewable energy investments and help the business derive the best strategy for maximizing the use of their solar installation.

Building Department Sign

Planning Permissions

Sometimes the hardest part of any project is just getting started. If a commercial project requires planning permission, building warrants and architects drawings, we can fast-track all that with drone-based scanning and 3D computer modelling which vastly lowers the cost of providing the necessary details for planning permission. Connecting larger systems to the electricity grid requires permission from the district network operator (DNO). This is known as a “G99 Application” for grid connection. As your representatives we make this application on your behalf so total costs to connect a larger system can be known in advance. Should more complex planning permissions be required we have a larger team to help scan and assess properties and model potential changes.

Hand with CO2 Dial

Save Carbon

With businesses under increasing pressure to save carbon and reduce climate impacts solar PV is a perfect way to make a big impact on your business’s carbon footprint while at the same time making a positive investment in your business’s bottom line. We can provide detailed assessments of your project’s carbon savings.

Man Cleaning Solar Panels

Long Term Maintenance

Large projects are a big investment and require peace of mind. Ask about our maintenance plan to make sure solar is truly “fit and forget”.