Cityscape with Urban Rooftop Solar Arrays

Your Community Partner in the Transition to Renewable Energy

If you are working on sustainability within your community and want a knowledgeable partner to help navigate the minefield of technology options and the financial implications LiveEco can help you.

As a registered Community Interest Corporation (CIC) we can work directly with local community charity organizations on grant -funded renewable energy projects.

We Offer

Man Pointing to Renewable Energy

Community Energy Independence and Climate Action

Engage the social enterprise set up to ensure that your community meets its targets under the UK’s Climate Change Act. Whether you are heading up a planning project in government, implementing a renewable energy initiative or just a citizen who wants to get your community involved, we can provide the tools and expertise to implement any strategy to transition away from fossil fuels.

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Community Support and Consulting

Governments and key community institutions need the best possible advice to make good decisions. LiveEco CIC provides detailed consulting on renewable energy options from the micro to the macro and we have the on the ground experience to provide practical advice on implementation and strategy.

Computer Model of Building with Solar Array

Surveying and Modelling

With our drone-based mapping and 3D computer modelling capabilities we can survey whole regions for designing solar systems on multiple buildings to transition the entire community to renewables. This will allow for macro-level project planning, budget analysis and power production estimates.

School with Solar Array

Energy System Design and Installation

Whether a single building or a large scale community project LiveEco can plan and design for any size project. Once plans are in place we can install solar, battery storage and EV charging systems to help move your community’s energy system into the 21st century.