Super Tax Deduction on Solar for Companies

For expenditure incurred from 1 April 2021 until the end of March 2023, companies can claim 130% capital allowances on solar Projects.
New homes in West Calder with roof solar panels

New Build Solar Specialists

One stop solutions for home builders looking to meet renewable energy regulations for new build homes, or better yet, develop and market smart homes that utilize 21st century technology for energy independence, internet controls and electric mobility.

We work with lots of house builders to help them cost-effectively meet their solar energy requirements under SAP as well as provide options for luxury builds. We understand that the homeowner, not the developer, will reap the benefits of the solar installation so cost is king when installing solar for new homes.

As an MCS certified installer we will have your solar installed quickly and professionally with an eye towards keeping costs as low as possible.

We Offer

Project Management

We know that building houses can be a complicated and sometimes byzantine process. We’ll keep your project humming along with our project management team to stay coordinated with your onsite team and to you informed and keeping things moving right on time and budget.

Cost Effective Installation

We price keenly to ensure that your project fits within its budget and your QS is kept smiling. We also work with project managers to ensure that our equipment ordering and installation schedule fits with the over all project workflow to minimize disruption and excess costs and retrofits.

Legal Requirements

We’ll file all your multiple G98 paperwork and get your home buyers the certified grid connection they need to get paid for excess generation and you are ensured of high-quality, trouble free installations.


Building roof construction

Cost Effective Installation

Our team have years of experience installing solar for new build developments and we price competitively. We’ll make sure your installation happens on-time and hassle free with high quality materials and equipment.

Virtual Reality Model of Neighborhood

Design at Scale

Regardless of the number of homes or house styles we can get you bespoke design specs for each unit whether it’s one house or hundreds.

MCS Certification Logo

MCS Certified

LiveEco is MCS Certified so we can connect your homes to the grid and help manage the DNO requirements under “Group G98” connection requirements.

Hand Sketching and Architecture Project


With our 3D computer modelling capabilities home builders can generate interactive web-based versions of homes in the planning stages and sell them before they even built.