VW ID3 Electric Car

Electric Vehicle Charging Units mean cheap and convenient charging of your vehicles.

As a certified installer of MyEnergi products we can get a Zappi II on your home right away.

All our installing electricians are OLEV Certified.


Now you can be your own gas station! Utilize the sunlight hitting your roof to power your home and vehicles and whistle while you drive past the service station. EV Charging units can also add value to your home as the transportation sector moves away from petrol and diesel.

Save Money

Electric Vehicles are £ for £ cheaper to run than petro or diesel vehicles. According to Motoring Research the Kia e-Niro and Renault Zoe 65kW can achieve 33.1 miles per pound (mpp) of electricity purchased. Conversely, the most economical version of the Ford Fiesta can only achieve a figure of 9.3mpp. Tesla’s Model 3 standard range comes in at 32.3mpp, VW’s e-Golf at 30.8mpp and BMW i3 fifth (30.0mpp).


Home Charging units for you home mean you can power up your vehicle when you want and even set your car charging to only utilize solar energy from your roof with MyEnergi’s Zappi II car charger.

EV Charging

Electric vehicle chargers allow you to charge your vehicle at your home or business which is obviously quite convenient.

With solar panels you also become your own gas station which is very environmentally beneficial but also a good financial investment.

There are grants available through the OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) which can be secured with a quick online form.

Tesla Model 3

Are you looking to get an EV charging system?

Get in touch to find out about EV charging grants.
 My Energi Zappi 2 w/ HubHypervoltEVBox
  • 7kW single phase and 22kW 3 phase options
  • Smart Home integration (With Hub & MyEnergi System) via wifi
  • Security Pin code
  • Home, business and commercial scale charging units. 7kW up to 350kW commercial units.
  • Integration with Smart home via Alexa via wifi
  • 7.4kW single phase and 22kW three phase options
  • Wifi Connected
Charging Options

3 modes:

  • Plug and charge
  • Charge on Solar
  • Timed charge (based on tariff rates)

3 modes:

  • Plug and charge
  • Charge on Solar
  • Timed charge (based on tariff rates)

3 modes:

  • Plug and charge
  • Charge on Solar
  • Timed charge (based on tariff rates)
Model Compatibility / Connector options--Fixed cable or Type 2 Socket/Socket+Shutter
(not including grants – £650 available)
From £700 + Installation£815 + InstallationFrom £836 + Installation