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In tandem with our installation of renewable energy systems we conduct a number of services around energy consulting to help clients understand and plan renewable energy projects and energy efficiency retorfits.

We offer

Heatloss Analysis/U-value Calculation

We can calculate the rate of heatloss for your building to determine the amount of energy use required for heating that space. This helps determine the size of heating systems and the solar panel arrays to power them that will be required.

Solar System Design

Using industry standard software we design solar panel systems for buildings and communities of all sizes. This includes modelling of the building roof, #of panels, rated power output of the array, and usage statistics for the energy produced (e.g. direct use, battery storage, EV charging, export to grid, etc.)

Energy Use Modelling

In addition to the heating elements of the building we can also look at modelling the general energy use in a property in terms of plant and equipment, occupancy rates, and total occupants to develop an understanding and technical estimate of the amount of energy that property will use during the year. This is useful for sizing solar arrays, heating systems such as heat pumps as well as battery storage systems.

Financial Return Analysis for Energy Improvements

In addition to looking at the energy use flow through a building we also provide a rate of return on energy investments in renewable energy such as solar panels, battery storage and EV charging units. We look at the return on investment for renewable energy budgets and help estimate the

Project Health & Safety

Health and safety comprises a key element of any renewable energy project. We assess all our projects for health and safety risks stemming from the equipment installed, installation process, building engineering risks. We can ensure that you will have a trouble free installation process and that equipment use and ownership will be trouble free as well.


We can provide detailed reports for planning and assessment purposes. Understanding the energy use requirements for a building, especially when major elements such as the heating system are being changed, is essential to making informed decisions in a project, whether that’s a personal home-build project or a major commercial development. Get in touch for a free consultation.

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Survey and Planning

Site Assessment

We visit every site we install at regardless of size or project. For larger commercial projects it is often necessary to conduct more comprehensive surveys to be utilized in planning permission applications,

Planning Permission

Planning permission applications involved detailed calculations for system specs and require qualified installers to complete most of this type of paperwork. Planning Permission assistance for solar including system design and heat loss/energy use analysis.

Grid Connections

We have lots of experience working with local network operators to get your project grid connected and approved by your local planning office. Grid connection services for renewables – G98, G99 and multiple G98-G99 submissions.

3D Models

Computer Model with Digitally Added Solar Panels

3D Models

Professional, detailed three-dimensional computer models for planning permission, online marketing, or architectural reconstruction purposes (or all three!) using aerial drones and handheld cameras can be made for a very reasonable budget. These models can be utilized by architects to vastly reduce their time to produce drawings for architectural submissions.